The business intelligence and market insights application INDICATA will be implemented across Volvo Cars’ network globally to drive growth opportunities in the used car operations and to maximise residual values.

AUTOROLA GROUP, the global leader in online remarketing and automotive IT solutions for professional used vehicle and fleet
management, announced it has expanded its partnership with Volvo Car Corporation to implement the Business Intelligence platform INDICATA across the Volvo Cars’ dealer network in Europe, delivering market insight and analytics and supporting Volvo Cars’ continued growth through better understanding of its market position.

INDICATA will provide Volvo Cars a solution to improve profitability in used vehicle operations and protect residual values. The real-time solution collects, processes and analyses live used car market data to provide insights on market dynamics including demand, supply, pricing, inventories, etc. It is a web based platform that monitors all used cars currently for sale in a market by gathering automatically data in real-time from classified websites, OEM websites, dealer websites, used car retailer websites, etc.

By implementing INDICATA, Volvo Cars will be able to better understand its used car business from global, regional and local perspectives in line with the company’s long-term strategy and the expressed needs of their NSC’s and dealerships for an efficient and effective business intelligence solution. INDICATA is a web-based solution which does not require programmer intervention so it is easy to use and learn by users in the dealerships and the Volvo teams are able to mine the data and create their own deliverables.

INDICATA, already deployed in nine European countries, will be initially rolled our across the Volvo Cars’ dealer network in key markets. During 2015 and 2016, INDICATA will be launched in further European markets including Germany, UK and France and in various markets globally including Brazil Mexico, US, Russia, China, the Middle East, Australia and India.

Jörg Höhner, Global Managing Director INDICATA for Autorola Group, said "We are genuinely excited to be working with Volvo Cars to provide their corporate, NSC and dealer users with an intuitive analysis and reporting application. By offering INDICATA’s web-based technology platform, Volvo Cars is able to leverage our comprehensive solution to streamline their used vehicle operations and enable a focus on market dynamics and performance improvements.”

“INDICATA is known for innovative systems and fresh perspectives in business intelligence for used vehicle operations and we are pleased to now be able to offer an intuitive platform for improving the performance of the Volvo Cars used vehicle operations in their dealer network.”, said Brian Madsen, Country Director Sweden for Autorola Group.